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Testimonials about our Insurance products

"Teri, thank you for the years of wonderful service and good advice. I am so pleased with Novamar, both for the reasonable cost and the tremendous coverage provided in our policy. Since we sail in Mexico, the ease of obtaining the Mexican liability policy was very helpful, and combined with our boat policy, we have much better coverage and at a better rate than many of our cruising friends that obtained their insurance elsewhere."

"Thanks to all the great people at Novamar who took my Friday afternoon request before a holiday weekend and had the perseverance to follow up and make it happen. Novamar and its people are the definition of outstanding customer service. Once again, thank you all."

"Thank you Craig! Everything looks great. You are the best, I truly appreciate you, your expertise and all of your efforts - not to mention your quick and clear communication."

"Jerry, that’s why you are the expert!! Thank you. Once again, Donna and I were very pleased working with you and Raphael on our claim. Our only frustration was the poor cell service we had here in St Thomas!
We had great service from you and Raphael & Associates so we were pleased to continue with you and you have earned our loyalty."

"Rob, once again thanks so much for all your help. I turned to Marga the other day and commented on how rare it is that my insurance agent is the bright point of my day, but you have consistently done that. So thank you!."
George O'Toole.

"Teri, I want to thank you again for the amazing help and support that you provided us as we purchased our new boat. You were always willing to spend as much time as needed to answer all our questions, were very attentive to us and made sure all our needs were met. The policy is great and was issued very timely. You were wonderful and we will be in touch as we change our cruising area. It is awesome to know we will have your support for all our Yacht Insurance needs. Thank you."
Todd and Maja.

His attention to our safety and fairness is most reassuring.
"Thank you so much for the great service to date. From the first call I made to the claims dept. this has been a very comforting process. Whatever questions and concerns I’ve had were heard and the answers were clear and understandable.

I’ve had a small business all my life and the insurance to protect my assets along the way. I have had to use a few of the policies over the years. None have come close to the service I have received form Seaworthy.

Again a big thank you to my agency, Novamar, and Craig Chamberlain, Steve Sudol appraiser and my contact throughout this process, Bob Soper.

His attention to our safety and fairness is most reassuring.

I just wish you carried commercial and residential lines…

Very best regards,"


Our experience with Novamar has been very positive.
"Our experience with Novamar has been very positive. They were able to provide insurance with terms that met our cruising plans when our previous broker told us that what we were asking for was not possible. The brokers at Novamar are clearly more knowledgeable about the international cruising life than other brokers.

Thank you for your assistance, Novamar!”

M.A. & B. A. S/v , Abracadabra

Novamar got the ball rolling immediately, getting me a very good rate
"When my wife and I decided to purchase a motor yacht last year, our broker recommended we contact Teri Chamberlain for our insurance requirements. He said that he had experienced great service over the years. I contacted Teri and she got the ball rolling immediately, getting me a very good rate with a top rated company, keeping me updated either through phone calls or emails and issuing certificates to various companies on a timely basis. She seems to be available at any time of the day. I wish all of the the others involved in the purchase and ongoing servicing were as effective as Teri. I have and will continue to recommend her."
George Hutchinson

We were delighted to find an insurance broker that lived up to their promises!
"We met Craig Chamberlain at a seminar in La Cruz where he spoke about having an insurance broker that actually understands cruising life, because he is a cruiser himself. We decided to not even wait until our current policy was up for renewal, and contacted him right away for a quote.

On a Monday morning he sent over the document we needed to fill out. Melissa filled it out and returned it a few hours later and by Tuesday morning we had a quote for better insurance than we previously had. Their policies are underwritten by Berkshire-Hathaway, and have much better coverage. When asked how much notice is needed to change the navigation area, Craig said three days tops, but typical turnaround is within a day. That’s exactly how we think service should be and we were delighted to find an insurance broker that lived up to their promises!"


Your concept of insurance, service and support is a good one.
"I am writing to express my profound thanks for the professional manner in which the two claims I submitted to Novamar/Seaworthy were processed. It is a real pleasure to find a marine insurance company who understands cruisers. My two claims happened in El Salvador. One of them involved being grounded in 4 feet of water, which caused the structural grid tab to separate. The other involved an accident with a fishing ponga, which resulted in the fisherman being injured. From the beginning it was never assumed that these claims were my fault, or due to my negligence, which I appreciated greatly.

The only way I managed to keep my sanity and continue to focus on my boat was because of the tremendous support I received from the Novamar/Seaworthy Team. I have heard and read many stories about the lack of response from insurance companies particularly while in a foreign country, but with Novamar this was not the case. I know two other boat owners who also had claims with Novamar/Seaworthy and they all sing your praises. Your concept of insurance, service and support is a good one. I am thankful you are my insurance company.

I will be recommending you to all my boating friends.

R.L., Captain/Owner

Taking care of our clients.
"Great job with the Vickers. I heard the good news they are moving their big boat over to you as well. Thank you for taking care of our clients.