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About us (is really about you)

At Novamar, we use the "About Us" tab to provide a brief and relevant description of our company philosophy and then redirect the message to be "About You" - our client. Craig Chamberlain, Novamar's founder, started his career in marine insurance in California in 1982. With the invaluable assistance of key staff, now part of the Novamar team, they created several proprietary insurance programs in both the Unites States and Mexico. A history steeped in yachting tradition in tandem with a creative and professional staff combine to allow Novamar the freedom and expertise to create insurance products that are "About You" our clients.

Novamar is committed to provide the best service in the yacht insurance industry

From Boat Owners to Boat Owners.

Our president Craig Chamberlain has spent all his life in the boating world from the time he set foot aboard his family's boat at two weeks old until today. From yacht design (winning first place in an international yacht design competition), to new yacht construction, as well as racing and cruising boats in the U.S. and internationally. Craig and his wife Julie met after both completing a sailboat race to Mazatlan, Mexico way back in 1980. Craig and Julie have raced and cruised thousands of miles including sailing in a Transpac Race together. Craig began his marine insurance career in 1983. The opportunity to cruise and race aboard boats all over the world has provided an invaluable and unique education to identify and solve marine insurance risk related issues. Competing in international regattas in Europe for many years, he recognized how important it is to have a yacht insurance policy that travels with you. Insuring racing or cruising yachts offshore presents additional coverage challenges over a yacht that is raced or cruised locally. Jurisdictional issues, limited surveying capabilities in the event of a loss, and limited marina, and shipyard repair facilities all can result in delays in obtaining necessary parts, and contribute to need for specialization and knowledge to coordinate repairs.

Sharing this information with experienced staff and underwriters and always being ready to adapt, innovate, and embrace technology are keys to the success for Novamar in the U.S., Latin America, and around the world. In addition, several years ago, Novamar invested in an in house IT department to speed up new product development and improve service for our clients. So much of how we do business these days is on the phone or via e-mail which is great for efficiency and service but sometimes a bit impersonal. We welcome our clients to walk through the front door of our offices to personally meet our staff members in the United States and Mexico whenever possible.

Novamar is committed to provide the best service in the yacht insurance industry and negotiate, design and develop the yacht / boat insurance programs that will travel with our clients around the world. Novamar provides the peace of mind that investments are protected and that if an unexpected property damage or bodily injury situation happens outside the United States, it will be covered properly by one of our international insurance programs.

We will continue to leverage the latest available technology to deliver our yacht insurance and international insurance products efficiently while always providing the highest level of service through clear communication with our clients. Novamar Insurance Group leadership is committed to the following values to provide you with the best yacht insurance services:

Honesty in all of our activities. Excellent Communication resulting in superior customer satisfaction. Working only with insurance companies that share our core values. Recognizing insurance companies are our partners along with our clients. Provide an excellent working environment for our employees allowing a pathway for professional growth within the company.

At Novamar Insurance Group About Us is About You.