Novamar Insurance Group

Novamar Insurance Group, Inc. was founded in 1987. Our yacht insurance specialists have decades of marine insurance and boating experience ready to serve you. With so many variations of types of boats and yachts as well as the jurisdictional challenges that come with them as they travel around the world, it is imperative that your yacht insurance agent have extensive boating knowledge to understand an individual client's exposures and coverage needs. Our experience and reputation translates into excellent relationships with domestic and international underwriters which allows Novamar staff to provide the best yacht insurance solutions at the most competitive premiums.

When insurance programs do not exist to adequately cover exposures, we create our own proprietary programs such as the Novamar Offshore Program or our Racing Sailboat Program. These were created to provide excellent coverages and premiums to those cruising or racing their yachts locally or around the world. Or our proprietary Mexican Vessel Insurance Liability Program with lower premiums and better coverage for people cruising in Mexican territorial waters.

Whether cruising or racing in local waters or internationally, you receive the same expertise and friendly service from our Novamar staff and often at lower premiums.

Novamar is committed to provide the best service in the yacht insurance industry. We continue to design and develop yacht / boat insurance programs that will travel with our clients around the world providing the peace of mind that their investments are protected. If an unexpected property damage or bodily injury situation occurs outside the United States, coverage travels with you as provided by our international insurance programs.

Working to improve your yacht insurance policy

To continue our tradition of dedication, service, and value to our clients, we continually work to design and upgrade our yacht insurance offerings to meet the specific needs of our clients. Transfer of risk to insurers and a clear understanding of the coverage provided in the insurance policy contract is imperative for our clients to achieve their long term financial goal of asset protection. We will continue to leverage the latest available technology to deliver our yacht insurance and international insurance products efficiently while always providing the highest level of service through clear communication with our clients.

As advances in technology and communication marched on, client lifestyles changed allowing mobilility across multiple jurisdictions creating exposures and insurance challenges. Novamar Insurance Group recognized these multi-jurisdictional insurance issues and has embarked on a mission to provide solutions.

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